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Located in the far Southwest corner of McDonald County, The Cornerstone Bank got its start in the small farm town of Southwest City. It was organized in April 1898. In 1903 the Southwest City Bank was incorporated. On September 24, 1904, the Southwest City Bank and The Cornerstone Bank consolidated. Business was conducted under the name, The Cornerstone Bank of Southwest City, Missouri. The Peoples Bank of Southwest City was organized around 1906. This bank operated until 1927 when it was liquidated and bought by The Cornerstone Bank. The Cornerstone Bank is continuously growing and expanding to better meet the needs of its customers. In 1986, the bank opened its first branch in Tiff City, MO followed by the Lanagan, Mo branch opened in 1995. The newest branch, located in Goodman, MO opened in the fall of 2009.

The Cornerstone Bank prides itself in maintaining its one of a kind customer service for over one hundred years. At The Cornerstone Bank, the staff believes in getting to know their customers and building long lasting relationships with them. In many instances, The Cornerstone Bank has been the financial institution for several generations of families. The Bank also makes it a top priority to stay community minded. The Cornerstone Bank not only supports the local communities, but many of the vast communities in Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas that are home to its customers.

The Cornerstone Bank is confident of the excellent future it has in the business area, and it is our commitment to offer courteous and sound banking practice to our customers. It is important that we establish our reputation by serving this community with a dedicated and professional staff. It is our desire to see the McDonald County area grow and prosper, and we take very seriously our responsibility to provide the financial expertise and assistance necessary for it to do so.

Member FDIC & Equal Housing Lender